Enabling career and business growth through experiential bootcamps for freshers, working professionals and entrepreneurs.


Empowering Learners to Take-on the World

Providing a holistic support system for various aspects of learning giving a holistic approach through a bootcamp program for freshers, working professionals and business owners.
We are a one of a kind bootcamp that provides hands-on learning with real-world projects, from mentors who are industry leaders.

Behind the brand

ikigai, is a Japanese concept meaning “the reason for being” or the reason to jump out of bed every morning.
We aim to facilitate learners to excel in their avenues by helping them discover their passion, gain actionable knowledge and grow.

Our Goal

Enable learners to thrive in the market by developing the perfect skills gained through experiential learning methodologies.

Helping Learners Find their Breakthrough

Our experiential learning bootcamps led by industry leaders as mentors, are focussed towards helping learners find their niche, nurture their technical skills and perspectives.

Experiential Bootcamp

Hands-on learning style of our bootcamps allows learners to experience working in a team on real-world projects and learn the key skills to thrive on-field.

360° Learning

Real-world course modules give learners an end to end learning experience, cover the different facets and gain expertise.

Defining career and professional growth

Brining passion, profession, mission and vocation together for learners to find their true ikigai.