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Solving Problems through technology

Think201 has always aimed at solving bigger problems for the startups and enterprise through technology and to be effectively able to do so, we started scratching our own itch to validate if the scratch is real and universal across startups and enterprises.

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Think201 was founded on the fundamental philosophy of substantial value add in all our services indifferently across our clientele in 2012. We have strived very hard to this day to keep up with our philosophy in all our actions, products and ventures.

Our journey so far...

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First Launch - A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency for affordable branding solutions.

Established on:

1st July 2017

The behind the curtain story of First Launch:

Think201 clients were looking to extend the engagement beyond the tech design and development of their products into Digital Marketing of it. Hence, the name First Launch and with the tech backing of Think201, it is just the marketing team with the best of design, technology and marketing skills at it’s play to maximise effectiveness of digital marketing solutions.

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ikigaiHub - Mentor led Bootcamps with a hands-on learning experience in our startup like setting in Bangalore Hub to help learners get the real world flavour of respective professions.

Established on:

1st July 2018

The behind the curtain story of ikigaiHub:

Hiring the right person with the tireless attitude to learn and get the job done is getting tougher and tougher. It has been a real struggle for Think201 for a long time and so is the case with other employers. We took the rein in our hands through ikigaiHub by having industry professionals to mentor learners (freshers, students, job seekers and business owners) so, the learning can be utmost with real examples, case studies and hands on experiences.

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Some of our products

Our products are the by-products of tech solutions to our own problems - be it at a company level, team level or an individual level and if we have been able to make our lives easier with these solutions, we hope other teams or individuals can make the most out of them too.

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An integrated echo mechanism to allow teams to work cooperatively towards the success of the product. Echoes are notifications to the relevant team members about success or failure of a particular event of occurrence in their product.

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A project status tracking system allowing Project Managers communicate seamlessly with their clients for efficient and hassle-free project deliveries

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A simple to use smart Pocket Expense Tracker (PET) for individuals to keep track of their expenses with no internet connection or sign in required.

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