A Time tracking and productivity tool to boost work efficiency.

Challenge high work velocity pitfalls and thrive by maximizing work productivity, with ease.

In the fast-paced technology service industry, deliver becomes everything and hence the need for time management. A crucial yet often overlooked aspect of addressing this is to understand where the time is being spent - across teams, across projects.

Trackivity keeps a record of the time taken to deliver work, across team members, teams, projects, and working styles, and reports on key efficiency challenges of the enterprise. It’s minimal UI, easy task management functionality and intuitive dashboards ensure that the user focuses on the task at hand and not task management.

Product Vision

Enable teams to improve work productivity by intuitive time tracking and time management.

Platforms Available on

Web & Mobile

All-intuitive platform built for teams in high-velocity work ecosystems to thrive with productivity.

Built for dynamic work ecosystems to enable teams to work efficiently, giving project team members, managers and company members in-depth details on every individual’s work productivity.

Product Experience

Considering the product itself is geared towards productivity, the primary goal while building the product was to empower the user to use the product with as fewer clicks as possible. This became the core design approach for the product, to keep the UI intuitive yet simple.


The features of the product were built with the intention of making it easy for the team members to interact with the platform and to provide the data & insights to project managers and such stakeholders, to take decisions in improving team productivity

Setting New Records for Workplace Productivity

The ultimate tool for startup and enterprise project and time management needs, giving power to the entire organization.