An intuitive mobile app that enables you to track all your expenses with ease and encourages savings.


Track all expenses with ease, analyse and focus on savings.

Managing expenses can become a nightmare! A common pain-point for everyone, from individuals to businesses. The first step to managing expenses is to track it, and the next is to analyse it.

Walfin addresses this exact pain-point, with a goal of making the ordeal of managing expenses, as simple as it can be. The intuitive interface, ease of navigation, texting-like input function, insightful reporting dashboards and the app’s nimble framework makes the core function of expense tracking a cake-walk with the cherry on top being the focus on encouraging savings.

Product Vision

To make tracking and managing expense simple and quick for everyone

Platforms Available on

Web & Mobile


A versatile expense tracker to tackle expense management woes for everyone from individuals, households to small businesses

Built with the goal of making expense management easy for everybody, a key consideration at the product building stage was the widespread target market, from a new smartphone user to a tech-guru.

Product Experience

Sticking to our core principle of keeping the user first and building the product for the user, the primary function of adding an expense is just as simple as sending a text message. Walfin’s algorithm processes the expense amount, category and nature of expense in real-time to update the reports and reflects on your daily expense budget - all from a simple function of a text message.


To add to the practicality of the product, the app is programmed to function without the need of the internet and most of all is completely free of any subscription, purchase or advertisements. A one-touch signup is all that it takes to start using Walfin across multiple platforms and devices.

Spend, record and track - It’s that simple!

The simplest yet powerful app to track and manage expenses and start saving.